Virginia is for speeding tickets. Not lovers.

Virginia is for speeding tickets. Not lovers.

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Jesse L. Martin
Jesse L Martin

Anaconda Thrill Ride in Virginia
Anaconda Thrill Ride in Doswell, Virginia

My memories of Virginia consist of the beautiful city of Richmond, Virginia Beach being a very nice place to visit in the summertime and Anaconda!! Anaconda is the first roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. It is one of the craziest thrill rides at the King’s Dominion theme park in the city of Doswell. Whether or not it’s worth the ride is a matter of opinion. I rode it because of it’s crazy loops and corkscrews (thereby the name, “Anaconda”) but the ride can be a little rough and bumpy. Either way, it’s a thrill for sure. Just don’t eat anything heavy before you try it.

Virginia’s motto states that, “Virginia is for lovers”. Lovers my ass! I’ve always taken issue with this. While working in North Carolina in the late 90s, Virginia was more like the “speeding ticket” state for me. If you have a conversation with anyone on the East Coast who has driven through this state, I guarantee more than half of them have been issued a ticket there. If they weren’t, they know someone with an unpleasant story.

The state troopers in Virginia are pros at popping up out of nowhere to give you a ticket. They’re freaking ninjas I tell you. Ninjas! They should change the motto of the state to: “Virginia is for speeding tickets.”

This blog was another short and sweet one but I do want to share one of my ALL-TIME favorite scenes from my ALL-TIME favorite movie: Coming to America. The scene is being led by Frankie Faison, an amazing actor from Newport News, Virginia who has had (and continues to have) a stellar acting career. His next project is Luke Cage, a Marvel superhero series being produced for Netflix.


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