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Iowa. Wide open roads. Beautiful Sunday evening.

Iowa. Wide open roads. Beautiful Sunday evening.

[on Roseanne] “She actually had ‘Property of Tom Arnold’ tattooed on her hip, which made me the fourth largest property-owner in California.”
-Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold


Iowa Welcome Sign There’s a reason why Iowa’s welcome sign says “Fields of Opportunities”. There are literally fields of corn and other types of vegetation that span the entire state. As you drive along the 80 freeway going West, you can see crops for miles and miles and miles on a clear day.

My trip was on a Sunday and therefore, the roads were quite clear and hardly anyone was traveling at the time. Or perhaps that’s how Iowa is on a regular basis? Anyone?

Regardless, driving through her was beautiful. Serene. Peaceful. If you ever want to clear your mind during a long drive, go to Iowa and hop on the 80 freeway on a Sunday afternoon in the summertime. You will not regret it.

I felt like I was in the movie, Gladiator, where Maximus beautifully described his home to Caesar.

During my drive, I was also lucky enough to witness some beautiful sunsets and cloud formations. I’ve shared them below.


Iowa was not my last stop for the evening. I booked a hotel (Holiday Inn Express & Suites) in Omaha, Nebraska but needed to eat some food before the last two hour drive. Upon arriving in Des Moines, I had no expectations. It’s Iowa for goodness sakes! The usual McDonald’s and KFC were forced into my scenery but I used Yelp and found an amazing sushi spot: Wasabi Chi. Imagine that, right? Amazing sushi in Iowa of all places. I ordered an avocado salmon roll, two pieces of mackerel sushi and everything was delicious. Sorry, no Fanta. I slowly enjoyed a nice glass of Riesling.

Cheers Bitches